Medication Cost Savings For The Uninsured and Under Insured

Many Americans who are losing their insurance are being faced with tough decisions at the pharmacy counter.  Without insurance coverage, patients are finding that their medication costs have rapidly risen overnight and now they can not afford their life-saving medications.

In the midst of this crisis, GenScripts Pharmacy has been able to give Oklahoman’s access to medications they desperately need at low prices. (up to 80% cost savings!)

Anyone can shop at GenScripts.  There are no income or age restrictions and no membership fees.  Our pharmacy is a unique self-pay pharmacy that serves both the insured and uninsured.  Surprisingly, about half our patients have insurance, but find our self-pay prices are cheaper than their co-pay cost.  So they use our self-pay price instead of using their insurance.

Now is not the time to go without the medications that you need. Please allow GenScripts to help!

These are the same FDA approved medications you would get at a big box pharmacy but without all the middlemen markup. We pass the savings to you!

Call one of our convenient locations below Mon-Fri 9am-6pm to get a price quote on all your meds.

We have 4 locations to serve you plus mail and delivery service options throughout Oklahoma and Florida:

Midtown Tulsa (41st and Hudson) (918) 835-2112

Broken Arrow (81st and Garnett) (918) 615-3354

Owasso (96th St N and Garnett) (918) 274-9696

South Tulsa/Bixby (109th and Memorial) 918-921-7737