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Mail Service Pharmacist and Store Manager:  Chad

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Our mail service pharmacist Chad and pharmacy staff are here to help you save money on your medications and get you on a path to better health.  We have 4 brick and mortor pharmacy locations in the Tulsa area and mail medications to hundreds of patients statewide in Oklahoma!  No insurance is needed to shop at our pharmacy.  In fact, more than half of our customers have insurance, but pay cash with us instead because our cash prices are often cheaper than their co-pay cost.  It's the same FDA approved high-quality medication you would get at the national chain pharmacy, but for less.  


Did you know?

Drug prices are not fixed in the United States and prices between pharmacies in the same city can vary greatly.  This is mainly because there are middlemen like PBM's (Pharmacy Benefit Managers), brokers, and 3rd party payers who inflate the price of drugs before they reach the consumer.  GenScripts's unique pharmacy model cuts out these middlemen and passes the big cost-saving on to the consumer.

Typical Pharmacy Drug Pricing Model


GenScripts 'Patient First' Pricing Model

GenScripts Pricing Model

GenScripts focuses on cutting out cost inflating middlemen, lowering overhead, and utilizing smart inventory practices to help consumers save big on their medications.

Customer Testimonials

  • Sharon BuschSharon Busch

    Excellent customer service not only by the techs, but also the pharmacists. I have called many times over the past couple of years with questions regarding prices and medication issues and everyone has been wonderful! I am so thankful for this pharmacy as it is super convenient to our home and all the staff is just great to deal with!!

  • Chuck DeardorffChuck Deardorff

    Super friendly staff and only place in town that I was able to fill my antibiotics for free and everything else is affordable also. Super helpful and great atmosphere. Would highly recommend for any of your pharmacy needs

  • Audra GivensAudra Givens

    Everyone here is always very nice and helpful! I have been filling my in laws prescription for about a year and when I call to refill they are always pleasant and know my name! You don’t get that at other big pharmacies. I never have to wait when I call in they are always prompt in answering the phone even the Pharmacists answer the phone and that says a lot to me that they help in every aspect of the pharmacy!! I would definitely recommend them to family and friends and have already done so!!!!

  • And One Minus TwoAnd One Minus Two

    Their location at midtown is a pleasure to visit, the staff is efficient and extremely friendly. The prices are amazing, better than even if I had insurance. They fill the script if you drop it off faster than any other pharmacy has been and Jade the checkout girl always put their great smile on my face so I highly recommend it.

  • Robin McIntoshRobin McIntosh

    So thankful for GenScripts Pharmacy for the most affordable prices. The staff is always very helpful and happy to help with any questions that I have had. Recommend to anyone for excellent customer service.

  • Mareea KarimMareea Karim

    Everyone here is very friendly. They acknowledge you when you walk in, I like that. I didn't wait no more than 5 minutes for my prescription.As I waited I took my blood pressure on their machine. I immediately told my friend that was waiting in the car she needed to transfer her medications here, so much cheaper. Thank you for the free antibiotics, it was a blessing after spending alot at the dentist.

  • Larry SaidemanLarry Saideman

    Amazing customer service. They work with me and my doctor to get the lowest priced options for my care. Always positive and friendly. Nice that it is the same three friendly, upbeat people working there whenever I visit.

  • Lynette CortezLynette Cortez

    I can’t say enough good about this place. I’ve been laid off twice in 18 months which left me without health insurance. But I never had to worry about my maintenance meds wiping us out financially because of their fantastic pricing. Then the kind and attentive staff makes it all THAT much better. When I get insurance again I’m tempted to continue to use GenScripts and skip insurance because the experience is so great here. THANK YOU!

  • Stephanie IwanagaStephanie Iwanaga

    The staff was very attentive and friendly. I didn't have to wait at all to get my prescription and the pharmacist came right over and explained my medication to me. Great service!

  • Kristin PriceKristin Price

    My PCP recommended GenScripts for better prescription prices. Out of all the local pharmacies I contacted, GenScripts was the only one able to provide the required medication, and at a great price! The pharmacist was even able to advise that some of the medications could be purchased over-the-counter and they had great OTC pricing as well! Wonderful experience for a first-timer! Thank you, GenScripts!!

  • Grady LemonsGrady Lemons

    GenScripts is the best place to get your prescriptions! I always experience great customer service from the Tech and Pharmacist who work there! They treat me like I am their number 1 priority. Great job to this crew at this location!

  • GroovyGrub GalGroovyGrub Gal

    Always friendly staff at some seriously reasonable prices. This place makes the difference in the quality of life with my Dad. So glad this place is here for us!

  • Leslee ByrdLeslee Byrd

    Great staff! Always do pleasant. Highly recommend using them 😊🤟

  • Phil YagerPhil Yager

    They helped us out with my mom’s meds. Thanks so much.

  • Marna SchmenkMarna Schmenk

    They allowed me to fill my prescription even though it was 5 mins to closing. The medication that I was prescribed was very reasonably priced. Great service.

  • James CooperJames Cooper

    Great location so I tried GenScripts. Order was completed quickly and accurately. Pharmacist personally engaged me in a courteous manner to answer any questions that I had. Their input was greatly helpful and provided additional advice in addition to the doctor’s guidance. Great experience overall. Switching my scripts to here.

  • Leslie MercadoLeslie Mercado

    GenScripts is almost too good to be true, but it is! I have been purchasing an expensive medication at another local pharmacy for $220/month until it became unavailable from their wholesaler at which time we were forced to find an alternate pharmacy and thank goodness!! Not only was GenScripts able to get the medication, they had it for us within one day and at less than half the cost I was previously paying!!! I can't believe the savings!! THANK YOU GenScripts!!!

  • David EmbryDavid Embry

    Pharmacist contacted the doctor when he had a better, cheaper medicine to suggest. Doctor took the suggestion and I saved hundreds of dollars. Love the pharmacist and Gen Scripts in general. Great business.

  • Alexis NorrisAlexis Norris

    Switched to this pharmacy & love it! Always nice & so quick. The drive through is awesome & the service that calls to remind me to pick up, is great!

  • Joandra ShelleyJoandra Shelley

    I lost my health insurance and started checking prices on blood pressure and cholesterol medication. They gave me a written estimate on 30-60-90 day supply. They called my previous pharmacy and had the prescriptions transferred then sent me a message when it was ready to pick up. The price on my BP medication was less than estimated. I got 90 supply for 50% less than a 30 day supply at another pharmacy. Staff was friendly and efficient. I am very happy with GenScripts


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Your Mail Service Pharmacy

GenScripts Pharmacy has been serving Oklahoman's for more than 12 years.  Our unique pharmacy model cuts out the middlemen and passes the saving on to the consumer.  We serve tens of thousands of patients through our pharmacy and have hundreds of doctors that recommend us to help save their patients money.

We have many people that utilize our mail service who can not make it to one of our pharmacy locations in the Tulsa area.  Medications arrive quicker on your doorstep than other mail serive options because of our close proximity in Tulsa.  Our mail service is only available to Oklahoma residents at this time.

We have a few medications listed on our price list page, but recommend you call us to get a quote on all your meds and set up your account.  Our pharmacy carries over 1000 medications and can also do special orders.  We will gladly help transfer your prescription for you!

Be careful of other online pharmacies!  There are other mail-order pharmacies that you can find on the internet who are not accredited and licensed.  GenScripts is licensed and approved by the National Board of Pharmacy and all our medications are high quality and approved by VAWD accredited suppliers and approved by the FDA.

Let GenScripts Pharmacy save you up to 80% on your medications. Contact us for any questions or concerns you may have Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.

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