Health Insurance – Not The Prescription Fix It Was Touted To Be

Health care cost rising

Handing over your health insurance card to the pharmacist is supposed to be the all-access pass to super prescription savings. You expect the co-pay to be negligible. You expect the savings you were promised. What you may be discovering, however, is that even insurance isnt softening the blow of many prescription meds.

D. Evans was faced with this harsh reality when she visited her longtime pharmacy of 18 years recently to fill her husband’s prescription. He was scheduled for an operation and the doctor had prescribed a drink mixture to be taken pre-procedure. When the pharmacist rang up the total, it came to $2,000.

While I sat there on a wooden bench crying, I called the surgeons office,said Evans, who described that awful day at their usual pharmacy.

Three hours later, the surgeons office had found a better price at GenScripts, a pharmacy that cuts out the cost-inflating 3rd parties to offer high-quality medication and very low prices. For Evans, the savings was astonishing.

What was $2,000 was now $25,she said. Their pharmacist even sat me down to help comfort me after what Id just been through! I love this place and the staff too!

Finding Real Cost Relief

Evans isnt alone. Due to insurance companies, brokers, and other cost-inflating 3rd parties, prescription medication costs have grown unmanageable for many households.

My anti-seizure medication is anywhere from $220-$440 (a month)at big-box pharmacies such as Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens,said S. Jones.

With insurance not offering the relief expected, consumers need a free-market solution to prescription costs that do not depend on politicians, big drug companies, big insurance companies, or big chain pharmacies to drive down prices.

By paying cash instead of using insurance at GenScripts, patients often see an out of pocket savings that is less than most insurance co-pays or big-box chain pharmacies. Customers can receive as much as 80% savings on their prescriptions at GenScripts.

For Jones, the savings for her anti-seizure medication is obvious and immediate. GenScripts charges me $31,she said, in comparison to the $200 to $400-plus at other locations. I’d be insane to go anywhere else.

You Can Start Saving Now

Due to GenScripts’ unique business model of lowering overhead costs and cutting out the middleman, we can offer customers the lowest price on the highest quality medications.

For example, 30 tablets of 40 mg generic for Lipitor usually costs $40 and up. At GenScripts, it costs $17.77. Or 100 capsules of the 20 mg Prilosec generic, normally $211 can be purchased at GenScripts for $11.

Let GenScripts remove the sticker shock from your prescription medications. Call GenScripts Monday through Friday, 9 am – 6 pm, to get a quick quote on your prescription medications or fill out the form on our contact page and start saving today.

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