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Free Rx Savings Consult

Save up to 80% at GenScripts

Stop Overpaying For Your Medications

Our cost saving prescription consults are free and at no obligationIf we can’t help you save money, we don’t expect you to fill with us.

              ...or call us M-F  9am-6pm to schedule

GenScripts Pharmacy's free prescription consults are available to help you save money on your prescription costs to get you on a road to better health.  


Our licensed pharmacist will sit down with you and go over your complete list of prescriptions one by one to help you find all the ways you can save money.


We recommend these one-on-one private consults whether you have prescription insurance coverage or not.  More than half of our customers have prescription coverage, but we are able to provide their medications at a lower cost than their insurance co-pays.


We are also able to minimize Medicare out of pocket costs incurred by the ‘donut hole’.  (more info about GenScripts Medicare drug savings here)


No insurance, memberships, or discount cards are needed to use our pharmacy.

What to Expect at an Rx Consult

We will make suggestions for you and your doctor and develop a personalized written plan to minimize your prescription costs.  We have hundreds of doctors and healthcare providers that recommend our pharmacy and are comfortable working with us to get the best and most affordable plan for you.


Ready to schedule your free money-saving consult? 

...or call us M-F  9am-6pm to schedule

Ways We Help Lower Your Prescription Costs

  • Getting an extended supply of medication for a bigger discount will not only help you save money, but it will also help you save time with fewer trips to the pharmacy.  In many cases, a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month supply of medication is significantly more cost-effective than a 30 day supply.  We can work with your doctor to get the higher quantity prescribed if you are on a stable regimen.


  • Pill-splitting - certain types of medications can be split using a pill cutter.  For example, a patient is prescribed a 20mg dosage of a medication.  The 40mg dosage of the same medication could be around the same costs (depends on the med).  We can work with your doctor to get the higher dosage prescribed with a pill cutter to take half of a 40mg pill equalling your 20mg regimen.  It’s important to schedule this free consult so we can research if pill splitting is a good option for you and your medication.


  • Alternative medication - there might be a less expensive medication in the same or similar class than what you are currently prescribed.  We also research more affordable generic alternatives.


  • Combination products - buying some combo medications separate can sometimes be more cost-effective. 


  • Mail Service - we offer mail service throughout the state of Oklahoma to help you save on gas if one of our locations is too far away.


  • And several other ways!


To take advantage of this cost-saving service, you will first schedule a 15-minute no-obligation free appointment at one of our 4 convenient locations with one of our friendly licensed pharmacists.  Please send us your prescription list whenever you schedule to give us time to research and calculate the most affordable options before you show up.  Make sure your list includes your current prescribed medication name, number of pills taken per day, dosage (mg), and current medication price if available.  

...or call us M-F  9am-6pm to schedule

Customer Testimonials

  • Mindy Cook BallardMindy Cook Ballard

    Switched from Walgreens last year. Always fast and friendly service!

  • Tim ButlerTim Butler

    I've been coming to GenScripts for a few years now. They have been consistent in providing quality prescriptions at an affordable price (often with bulk discounts) and quality customer service to match! I highly recommend them to fill your prescription needs.

  • Bree Koren DisneyBree Koren Disney

    I just left this pharmacy. I just moved to Glenpool, and after a late night visit to the ER with two toddlers turned into needing a script for a kidney infection, I rushed to this pharmacy as it’s the closest to my house.

    I got in the drive thru 10 mins before close. I couldn’t find my debit card to pay. My one year old was going off the rails in the backseat. After a quick search, I asked if they took any kind of payment online. The attendant told me to hold on, came back to the window, and told me my prescription was on the house.

    What she didn’t know, is that my mom died two months ago from cancer she didn’t know about until it was too late. I sat in that waiting room in the ER today in agonizing anxiety, because it was my first time being in a hospital since saying goodbye to my best friend.

    That attendant did more for me today then she will ever know. God shows himself in all forms, and the woman at the window reminded me to keep having the grace my mom had.

    Thank you.

  • Janet PhippsJanet Phipps

    Talking with the staff they are all so nice and professional. And when you turn in a prescription or the doctor does they will call you when its ready to be picked up. So sweet. Best Prices in town and you can get a 3 month supply...Thank you Genscripts God Bless

  • Jim WamsleyJim Wamsley

    genscripts Pharmacy Broken Arrow are always prompt with prescription requests and the staff is very friendly and courteous.

  • Terrie IrvingTerrie Irving

    Genscripts is an excellent pharmacy! I highly recommend them. they always go out of their way to look for the best deals for me & my family! the staff is always so helpful and kind

  • Nikki ReneeNikki Renee

    You all are great at the 41st location (I am sure all locations are great, I just haven’t personally been to others) You guys save me A LOT of money and your staff is awesome. Thanks for all that you do! It’s crazy that I have insurance and it is STILL cheaper for me to come to you all and pay the “no insurance” price. Thanks again! #happycustomer

  • Ron WilliamsRon Williams

    GenScripts has convenient locations, friendly/helpful staff and incredible prices. The price of my two generic prescriptions dropped nearly $200 for a 90 day supply when I moved them from Walgreens to Genscripts!

  • Franchesca PorterFranchesca Porter

    I don’t need prescriptions often, but when I do, I go to GenScripts. With or without insurance, their prices can’t be beat.

  • Necee StevisonNecee Stevison

    Love GenScripts Pharmacy! I recommend them to everyone I know!

  • Lee Ann DeRoinLee Ann DeRoin

    If it weren't for GenScripts my husband and go deeply in debt because of the cost. We can now afford what we need and get 90 days refills. The staff is wonderful. It's a great option for people with no insurance.

  • Cheryl BarkerCheryl Barker

    best service with a smile! I use the drive through service and love it. always fast and convenient.

  • Willie Paul ThielekeWillie Paul Thieleke

    well first of all the great wholesale prices will save you much much money on your prescriptions but the staff is always very warm and friendly and they will go out of their way to help you get what you need when you need it this is a great Pharmacy it definitely helped me many many times and as I mentioned very friendly very helpful staff

  • Joy LoweJoy Lowe

    only place to get your meds

  • Amy JestusAmy Jestus

    Friendly, afford and efficient service. I’m very grateful.

  • Julie Jones CosperJulie Jones Cosper

    Great staff and prices. Never have to wait in line.

  • Joel Perez-PickensJoel Perez-Pickens

    Thank you to all the staff at GenScripts (Hudson Location) for the professional and knowledgeable service you gave me in my switch to you. For years I've been buying my medications with another pharmacy in Tulsa. A friend told me to try GenScripts. The prices were less than where I was going and a few were even lower than with insurance! Thank you for everything!!

  • Shelley ReynoldsShelley Reynolds

    helpful. and very polite. also educated

  • Katrina KritikosKatrina Kritikos

    genscripts saved us today....had to get zyvox for my husband's infection he got and after being on IV antibiotics for 5 days with no insurance the doc found this medicine that's oral but IV strength and genscripts had it for us for a lot less!!!! thank you

  • Patti BraunPatti Braun

    Great company / very easy access

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