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Our cost saving prescription consults are free and at no obligationIf we can’t help you save money, we don’t expect you to fill with us.

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GenScripts Pharmacy's free prescription consults are available to help you save money on your prescription costs to get you on a road to better health.  


Our licensed pharmacist will sit down with you and go over your complete list of prescriptions one by one to help you find all the ways you can save money.


We recommend these one-on-one private consults whether you have prescription insurance coverage or not.  More than half of our customers have prescription coverage, but we are able to provide their medications at a lower cost than their insurance co-pays.


We are also able to minimize Medicare out of pocket costs incurred by the ‘donut hole’.  (more info about GenScripts Medicare drug savings here)


No insurance, memberships, or discount cards are needed to use our pharmacy.

What to Expect at an Rx Consult

We will make suggestions for you and your doctor and develop a personalized written plan to minimize your prescription costs.  We have hundreds of doctors and healthcare providers that recommend our pharmacy and are comfortable working with us to get the best and most affordable plan for you.


Ready to schedule your free money-saving consult? 

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Ways We Help Lower Your Prescription Costs

  • Getting an extended supply of medication for a bigger discount will not only help you save money, but it will also help you save time with fewer trips to the pharmacy.  In many cases, a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month supply of medication is significantly more cost-effective than a 30 day supply.  We can work with your doctor to get the higher quantity prescribed if you are on a stable regimen.


  • Pill-splitting - certain types of medications can be split using a pill cutter.  For example, a patient is prescribed a 20mg dosage of a medication.  The 40mg dosage of the same medication could be around the same costs (depends on the med).  We can work with your doctor to get the higher dosage prescribed with a pill cutter to take half of a 40mg pill equalling your 20mg regimen.  It’s important to schedule this free consult so we can research if pill splitting is a good option for you and your medication.


  • Alternative medication - there might be a less expensive medication in the same or similar class than what you are currently prescribed.  We also research more affordable generic alternatives.


  • Combination products - buying some combo medications separate can sometimes be more cost-effective. 


  • Mail Service - we offer mail service throughout the state of Oklahoma to help you save on gas if one of our locations is too far away.


  • And several other ways!


To take advantage of this cost-saving service, you will first schedule a 15-minute no-obligation free appointment at one of our 4 convenient locations with one of our friendly licensed pharmacists.  Please send us your prescription list whenever you schedule to give us time to research and calculate the most affordable options before you show up.  Make sure your list includes your current prescribed medication name, number of pills taken per day, dosage (mg), and current medication price if available.  

...or call us M-F  9am-6pm to schedule

Customer Testimonials

  • Stacie MurphyStacie Murphy

    This was my first time using this pharmacy and I have nothing but great things to say! They were fast, efficient, great pricing, and excellent customer service. The staff was helpful and friendly! I will definitely return!

  • Lester BrownLester Brown

    Very Professional and knowledgeable staff. Great vibe with the staff. Everyone smiling and having fun. Great prices as usual. Jade, at the counter will make you laugh and feel better even when your sick. I only use Gen Scripts. Price is an issue but the staff really makes this a great place to shop. 👍

  • Audra GivensAudra Givens

    Everyone here is always very nice and helpful! I have been filling my in laws prescription for about a year and when I call to refill they are always pleasant and know my name! You don’t get that at other big pharmacies. I never have to wait when I call in they are always prompt in answering the phone even the Pharmacists answer the phone and that says a lot to me that they help in every aspect of the pharmacy!! I would definitely recommend them to family and friends and have already done so!!!!

  • Margarita HarrisonMargarita Harrison

    Experienced wonderful feeling of being cared. The personnel tried their best to help / assist in any way possible. Waiting time was minimum and the prices are so much better.

    Thank you,
    I have been here before and I am coming back.

  • Triple CCC_45Triple CCC_45

    This is the BEST pharmacy in town. I have insurance, but their prices Best my copay. Staff & Pharmacists are GREAT & helpful!
    Highly recommend.

  • Mike DavisMike Davis

    My Doctor called in my prescription in the morning. It was ready that afternoon. In and out in 2 min. They were very friendly and efficient. Oh, and they gave me a new-member kit. Great experience. I'll use them again.

  • Erin HislopErin Hislop

    I received a text message that my prescription was ready and upon arrival was greeted warmly and spoke with the pharmacist, who answered my questions. I forgot to get my prescription refill through the mail, using our insurance and I didn't want to pay Walgreens full price of over $200, so instead I paid around $9 for the SAME medication!!!! Everyone needs to know about
    GenScripts whether you have insurance, or not! 😀

  • Chelsea BenedictChelsea Benedict

    GenScripts made it so easy to fill our script for our dog! She has epilepsy and we were in dire need of a medication that she’s been on forever & the manufacturer was out and will be out for months and they had it and helped us, and it was QUICK!! We sincerely appreciated their enthusiasm. Their drive thru made it so simple as well!!

  • Betty-Jayne WeaverBetty-Jayne Weaver

    My physician recommended GenScripts when I needed a prescription that was very expensive on my insurance tier. GenScripts saved me over $50!! Plus, the prescription was ready quickly and the staff was very friendly. I will definitely be using them again for my prescription medications. Thank you, GenScripts!!

  • Tiffany LoganTiffany Logan

    This was my first time here, I was recommended this pharmacy due to the fact I was needing to save money while transitioning jobs and insurance which is a nightmare but these ladies took great care of me even offered to call doctor to see if they could get my script more reasonable I am so thankful for their help they made my whole day better!!!

  • Marna SchmenkMarna Schmenk

    They allowed me to fill my prescription even though it was 5 mins to closing. The medication that I was prescribed was very reasonably priced. Great service.

  • Sharla BurgessSharla Burgess

    I have used various GenScripts locations for several years and was so happy to see this one in Bixby! The staff is so helpful and friendly and they go above and beyond what’s expected to make the experience easy. They usually have the best prices and participate in the free antibiotics program.

  • jolanthe greenjolanthe green

    I love this pharmacy! Very helpful and professional 😊. I used to take all prescriptions to a grocery pharmacy; no more! I save so much with using GenScripts with even more convenience, no long lines and friendly professional service!

  • Beth WhiteBeth White

    For one of my medications, I had been paying nearly $400 for a 3 month supply. But I discovered GenScripts and am now paying $33 for that same med for the same 3 month supply. I’d say that’s a smart way to go. Thank you GenScripts!!

  • Jana WilliamsJana Williams

    I love my Pharmacy! They have great customer service.

  • James CooperJames Cooper

    Great location so I tried GenScripts. Order was completed quickly and accurately. Pharmacist personally engaged me in a courteous manner to answer any questions that I had. Their input was greatly helpful and provided additional advice in addition to the doctor’s guidance. Great experience overall. Switching my scripts to here.

  • David EmbryDavid Embry

    Pharmacist contacted the doctor when he had a better, cheaper medicine to suggest. Doctor took the suggestion and I saved hundreds of dollars. Love the pharmacist and Gen Scripts in general. Great business.

  • Joandra ShelleyJoandra Shelley

    I lost my health insurance and started checking prices on blood pressure and cholesterol medication. They gave me a written estimate on 30-60-90 day supply. They called my previous pharmacy and had the prescriptions transferred then sent me a message when it was ready to pick up. The price on my BP medication was less than estimated. I got 90 supply for 50% less than a 30 day supply at another pharmacy. Staff was friendly and efficient. I am very happy with GenScripts

  • Charlie AtzbachCharlie Atzbach

    We went to Genscripts to save money on a prescription, and also saved on over the counter items as well. The pharmacist was very friendly and helpful and answered all of our questions. I highly recommend this pharmacy!

  • Susie FloresSusie Flores

    The tech was extremely helpful and found the answers I needed for my prescriptions. Moreover, the prices were cheaper than other places. The pharmacist was helpful as well. Friendly place and attentive to the customers.

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