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Medication Cost Savings For The Uninsured and Under Insured

Many Americans who are losing their insurance are being faced with tough decisions at the pharmacy counter.  Without insurance coverage, patients are finding that their medication costs have rapidly risen overnight and now they can not afford their life-saving medications. In the midst of this crisis, GenScripts Pharmacy has been able to give Oklahoman’s access […]

Should You Shop Around for Best Healthcare Costs? Yes! And Here’s How.

With consumer reviews, comparison sites, and easy access to product information, finding the best price and highest quality for goods and services is now easier than ever. Except for healthcare. Price shopping for healthcare services is nearly foreign. Not only are medical procedures complex with many specialized pieces to the puzzle, but the actual cost […]

Health Insurance – Not The Prescription Fix It Was Touted To Be

Handing over your health insurance card to the pharmacist is supposed to be the all-access pass to super prescription savings. You expect the co-pay to be negligible. You expect the savings you were promised. What you may be discovering, however, is that even insurance isn’t softening the blow of many prescription meds. D. Evans was […]