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10827 South Memorial. - South Tulsa/Bixby, OK

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Bixby Pharmacist and Store Manager:

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Our Bixby and South Tulsa pharmacist Colby and pharmacy staff are here to help you save money on your medications and get you on a path to better health.  No insurance is needed to shop at our pharmacy.  In fact, more than half of our customers have insurance, but pay cash with us instead because our cash prices are often cheaper than their co-pay cost.  It's the same FDA approved high-quality medication you would get at the national chain pharmacy, but for less.


Did you know?

Drug prices are not fixed in the United States and prices between pharmacies in the same city can vary greatly.  This is mainly because there are middlemen like PBM's (Pharmacy Benefit Managers), brokers, and 3rd party payers who inflate the price of drugs before they reach the consumer.  GenScripts's unique pharmacy model cuts out these middlemen and passes the big cost-saving on to the consumer.

Typical Pharmacy Drug Pricing Model

Typical pharmacy model

GenScripts 'Patient First' Pricing Model

GenScripts model

GenScripts focuses on cutting out cost inflating middlemen, lowering overhead, and utilizing smart inventory practices to help consumers save big on their medications.

Customer Testimonials

  • Lester BrownLester Brown

    Very Professional and knowledgeable staff. Great vibe with the staff. Everyone smiling and having fun. Great prices as usual. Jade, at the counter will make you laugh and feel better even when your sick. I only use Gen Scripts. Price is an issue but the staff really makes this a great place to shop. 👍

  • Triple CCC_45Triple CCC_45

    This is the BEST pharmacy in town. I have insurance, but their prices Best my copay. Staff & Pharmacists are GREAT & helpful!
    Highly recommend.

  • Angela CherryAngela Cherry

    I am a regular customer of Genescript Pharmacy. I can't begin to give the total staff enough kudos there. They are so professional yet so friendly & caring. I would recommend everyone to visit this pharmacy. You will be so please with there prices and there service.

  • S PS P

    Consistently Excellent Customer Service, whether I call with a question or go by to pick up my prescriptions. The pharmacists and techs are simply wonderful, efficient, helpful and kind! This is my go-to pharmacy and I recommend it to people all the time.

  • Bridget MontgomeryBridget Montgomery

    The staff here is phenomenal! Came in one day for and OTC medication and they have the best prices. I highly recommend them (:

  • Mike DavisMike Davis

    My Doctor called in my prescription in the morning. It was ready that afternoon. In and out in 2 min. They were very friendly and efficient. Oh, and they gave me a new-member kit. Great experience. I'll use them again.

  • Jay RufusJay Rufus

    Oh my god I wish I had known about these people months ago! They are absolutely amazing when it comes to customer service and information on ANY medication question. I'd highly recommend genscripts to anyone who is looking for a new pharmacy!

  • Samantha KittanaSamantha Kittana

    This place has been such a blessing for me and my family. We don't have any insurance or coverage of any kind and they have helped us stay healthy without spending a fortune. Keep up the good work.

  • Mike LoweMike Lowe

    This place is amazing! Using insurance, my blood pressure meds were $100/month.When the generic became available, it was also $100/month. I called the insurance company and was told the formulary was the same for name-brand or generic. It didn’t add up. Now I go to GenScripts and get a 90-day supply for just over $50 - without using insurance. They are efficient, professional and saving me money! Thank you GenScripts.

  • Carolyn CornCarolyn Corn

    GenScripts is a great pharmacy. Very helpful & friendly staff. Their prices are good & if you have private insurance you’ll many times find its less than your insurance copay.

  • Sharla BurgessSharla Burgess

    I have used various GenScripts locations for several years and was so happy to see this one in Bixby! The staff is so helpful and friendly and they go above and beyond what’s expected to make the experience easy. They usually have the best prices and participate in the free antibiotics program.

  • jolanthe greenjolanthe green

    I love this pharmacy! Very helpful and professional 😊. I used to take all prescriptions to a grocery pharmacy; no more! I save so much with using GenScripts with even more convenience, no long lines and friendly professional service!

  • Beth WhiteBeth White

    For one of my medications, I had been paying nearly $400 for a 3 month supply. But I discovered GenScripts and am now paying $33 for that same med for the same 3 month supply. I’d say that’s a smart way to go. Thank you GenScripts!!

  • Susan OsbornSusan Osborn

    Genscripts IS AWESOME! So helpful and friendly! Colby has been so kind in making sure my questions are always answered. So appreciate them! Best customer service!!

  • Sammi JohnsonSammi Johnson

    This is my first time at GenScripts - my Dr recommended them. I was greeted immediately and had my prescription in less than 10 minutes for $10! I’m a new lifelong customer!

  • Susie FloresSusie Flores

    The tech was extremely helpful and found the answers I needed for my prescriptions. Moreover, the prices were cheaper than other places. The pharmacist was helpful as well. Friendly place and attentive to the customers.

  • Bill UpkyBill Upky

    Best pharmacy ever. Been going for a few years now and they always have friendly helpful staff that will find solutions for your prescription needs to save you money. 10/10 will continue to recommend to others

  • Eva PattersonEva Patterson

    The prices for generics are the best in town. I also appreciate the drive through window and fast service. And rarely a wait!

  • Jane PolkJane Polk

    I can now say I actually enjoyed my experience at a pharmacy! Knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff.. they go beyond punching a clock to meet to meet your needs and answered all my questions in a humble and positive manner. Also, I was able to save quite a bit of money compared to Walgreens, CVS, and other “big names”. GenScripts has earned my business. Grateful!

  • Kelli HutchinsonKelli Hutchinson

    Never knew GenScripts was in owasso. My doctor recommended I use GenScripts; and as soon as I got there, they were prompt in filling my prescription. It only took about 5 minutes! Thoroughly satisfied! Everyone was very friendly and helpful! Will be using them for all my prescriptions!


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Your South Tulsa / Bixby Pharmacy

GenScripts Bixby provides the same great service as our other locations for our clientele near 101st and Memorial area. GenScripts always provides quality prescription drugs at the most affordable prices. Our Bixby pharmacy provides incredible customer service that brings a smile to our returning customer’s faces as soon as the walk in the door.  Jenks, Bixby, South Tulsa, and southern Broken Arrow clients love the convenience of this location.

The GenScripts Pharmacy in Bixby has a mission to provide our customers with the lowest price on their medications. We know the restraining cost of healthcare and our unique business model allows GenScripts to bring prescriptions directly to you. Many customers tell us the savings they receive are literally life changing. They have more funds to spend on bills, vacations, and the peace of mind extra money brings.

Please contact one of our pharmacists today if you have a question about a medication you need. We carry over one thousand medications in stock and place special orders as needed. Our online price list is limited but is always expanding. Please contact us with any questions you have or if you would like a price quote on a medication not listed. We also offer same-day delivery in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow city limits and a mail service for our customers anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. Currently, we can only serve customers in Oklahoma but are working on expanding to other states.

Let GenScripts Pharmacy in Bixby guide your path to health, wellness, and financial stability. Contact us for more information about how you can save money on prescription medications today!

The GenScripts Difference

GenScripts Pharmacy’s mission is to supplement a doctors’ care plan for our patients by providing them discounted prices that help to alleviate stress and provide affordability. We can work with you and your doctor to find the best priced medications for their recommendations. Our patients purchase medication in bulk, switch to a generic, or seek an alternative treatment to save money. We often find up to 80% savings compared to purchasing from a traditional pharmacy, even for our clients that don’t use insurance.

GenScripts Pharmacy is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and our local roots run deep. Using free-market strategies, we can compete with national chains and corporations on pricing, speed, and customer service. We offer additional programs that most national chains don’t, because we believe in investing in the health of our state. Our free antibiotic program and mail service program are direct responses to our customers communicating a need in their lives. We have locations in Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Bixby, and our mail service delivers medication to our customers all over Oklahoma.

GenScripts Pharmacy is now on the RxLocal app for iPhone and Android. Easily refill your prescription with a few clicks from your connected device.


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