• Locations: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, Glenpool, & Mail Service

  • Open: 9AM-6PM (Mon-Fri)

About Us


About GenScripts Pharmacy


    the IDEA

    Mark Wright wanted to revolutionize his industry. After 32 years as a pharmacist, he knew a breakaway from current pharmacy practices needed to happen, for the sake of the patient.


    • What if there was a free market solution that would enable us to turn back the clock, eliminate middlemen, and simplify patient care?
    • What if we included just the Doctor, Patient, and Pharmacist and cut out the ‘red-tape’ third parties such as insurance companies?

    the FUTURE

    GenScripts’s unique, free market solutions prove once again that a business model which puts the patient at the center can be a success in the healthcare industry. Doctors are empowered. Prices stay competitive and affordable. And patients get well.



    the LAUNCH

    In 2006, after three years of preparation, GenScripts opened its first store in midtown Tulsa, at 41st and Hudson next to Panera Bread.

    the MISSION

    Relieve the pain of high prescription prices. Provide patients with quality prescriptions at surprisingly affordable prices. Give patients personal counsel on how to save money while assisting them in executing their doctor’s care plan. Participate actively in the patient’s treatment and recovery.

    the FOCUS

    Unleashing free market principles that allow GenScripts to offer customers honest and transparent prices that are based on actual product costs – not what the insurance market dictates.



    the GROWTH

    A new location in Broken Arrow opened in 2012 at 81st and Garnett next to Sonic. Patients in the south Tulsa and Broken Arrow area now have better access to more affordable medications.



    the GROWTH

    Another GenScripts location in Owasso opened in 2016 at 96th St. N. and Garnett next to Firehouse Subs. It is also a success! Now patients in the South Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Owasso area have a convenient GenScripts Pharmacy focused on delivering value. They receive free advice, the highest quality pharmaceuticals, and low prices that can compete successfully with big-box discount pharmacies and large chain drug stores.